12 December 2013

Newnes Training Weekend

I was always going to write a post on my planned trip to Newnes in November , unfortunately the content isn't quite what I had anticipated.  My weekend of training went wrong with a careless crossing of the Wolgan River that resulted in a rolled right ankle and a Grade 3 tear of my talofibular ligaments.  While obviously very disappointed with the injury it is part of running on trails and a lesson learnt.

I was still lucky enough to be away with my wife Kel and the boys Charley and Beau and some good friends.  We had a good time camping down in the Wolgan Valley, the spot is simply amazing, from the shear cliffs that dwarf you from above to the clearest of sky highlighting the brightest stars, it is simply stunning.  The road in has been improved and it makes for a great location as the trails are top class and fairly quiet.

It was however at the stepping stones where I encounter the moral question, do I ask people to move or go around?  I took the polite option and decide to go around and through the river, unfortunately I probably started running again too early and hit a deep spot caused by the higher water levels from the previous days rain.  Snap, crack and the pain started.  I knew it was bad straight away, I have done this ankle on a few occasions and know it quite well.  The pain wasn't just lateral it was also medial meaning the bones had crunched together and will be bruised, possibly taking longer to heal than the injury itself.

The diagnosis was no fracture but a Grade 3 tear of the talofibular ligaments. Up to 6 weeks of restricted training and not the news which I wanted, but the news I expected to hear.  I visited the physio and began the rehab process as soon as possible.  I was lucky enough (in a weird way) to have a boot to immobilise the joint for a few days and once the inflammatory phase had passed is was time to hook in.

So now its close to 4 weeks since the injury.  I have progressed very quickly and my running is becoming more frequent and much more comfortable.  The bike has been good in keeping my fitness up and I have been able to hike some good elevation in as well.  I am aiming for a return mid next week  to full training, allowing me to get back on the trails and the hills.  I guess the trick will be being smart and patient, not trying to catch up as this will lead to other issues.  I hope the rest has freshened my legs, they do feel pretty good and that I have been able to maintain fitness with my cross training of late.

I will be busy over the school holidays building towards the big events I have planned and have a couple of camps coming up to really see where I'm at.  I think a monofartlek session next Wednesday will be a good indicator of my shape and from there I will be really focusing on the goals a run at time, trying not to get too far ahead of myself.

Unfortunately Kel has been given some bad news regarding her foot injury as well.  She is in need of rest to allow her weakened metatarsal to heal, this schedules her to return before SkyCamp, but will only allow her a bit of training in the lead up.  She has been cross training very well and with more time available due to school holidays we can increase the time she spends at the gym.  Next race is Manly Dam STS and my goal is a quick time, but in the mean time it'll be regaining my confidence on the trails, something that will take a while.