7 July 2017

Heading North


Time to have a break, relax, recharge and allow the body, mind and soul to re-balance. I have many plans ahead, starting with some half marathons in August before a tilt at the Edgell Jog and marathon distance again in September. So with this in mind I am aiming at building some control at pace, speeding up my long run and getting back into the high end aerobic training. I won't be forgetting my trails or hills during this time, rather I'll be using them to my advantage, hopefully!

I'll also be having a break from posting (crap) online, Facebook and Instagram also require some time off too over the next little while. During this time I'll be hard at work training, trying to be a teacher, enjoying being a husband and relishing being a father. Live life for the moment.

I'm trying to get many things into a positive and constructive light. My coaching is one. I love coaching, sharing knowledge and playing a role (big or small) in someone's journey towards achieving a goal. I'm looking at further emphasising this aspect of my life, through offering more ways to assist in this process. I genuinely enjoying the questions, queries and feedback I get from runners and am more than happy to pass on my knowledge and experience to give a new light or thought on your running journey. For more info:

That's all for now. Enjoy your running and see you out there somewhere perhaps.