30 November 2015

Product Review - Endurolytes Fizz

With Summer approaching it’s time to rethink those hydration and nutrition strategies as with the increase in heat and humidity the risk of a poor races or training sessions is greater. I am going to overview my thoughts on a Hammer Nutrition product that I use as a part of my training and racing. And yes, I am a Hammer Nutrition sponsored runner.

Endurolytes Fizz is a product that I use regularly in my training and racing, especially in the hotter summer months or when I race in unfamiliar weather conditions. I find the Fizz is faster acting than the Endurolytes Capsules and during sessions longer than an hour I will often take some water with a Fizz added. The aim is to remain hydrated while balancing my electrolyte levels, using simply water does not allow this and the risk of hydration related complications rises.

Each tablet contains a full spectrum of electrolytes that you lose during exercise thus ensuring not only are you hydrating correctly (and avoiding dehydration) but also allowing your electrolyte balance to remain normal. This maximizes the uptake of energy from the stomach (osmosis) and can assist with prevention or management of cramps, therefore improved performance.

I generally use Fizz as my main fluid source in events/sessions up to 3 hours and in addition to this will consume Fizz on heavy training days in my water. I will make sure that I have some available to ensure when consuming any energy (like a gel) my body is capable of utilizing those kilojoules while being under stress. As your body is diverting blood away from the stomach and to the muscles it is key to making sure it is efficient at breaking down the small amount of energy it needs while running. I feel Fizz assists with this process and I try to practice this in my training to not have any issues in my racing.

Normally I will go with either Grape or Lemon-Lime flavor and I have used the Grapefruit and Mango flavours as well. I will normally use one tablet to 300ml of water and often vary my flavours depending on my energy sources. In races like Sydney Trail Series I will rely on 350ml Fizz and a Gel for the 90 – 100min race at Manly and find the additional humidity (I’m from Bathurst!!!) doesn’t affect me as much if I’m hydrating properly.