23 August 2013

Mudgee Running Festival 2013

This weekend I'll be driving to Mudgee with Kel to run in the Mudgee Running Festival.  I am entered in the 5km on Saturday and the 42km on Sunday, Kel is in for the Marathon as well.  It will be our first attempts at racing these distances and we both have be using this event as a testing point for the  Kanangra 50km in October.

I am on a mini taper, down to 50km for the week before Saturday and I feel really good, slightly on edge but ready to run.  I am keen to set it down with a fast 5km time on Saturday, my goal is sub 16.45 and whatever comes of the race will be interesting.  I have certainly been focusing on my speed of late and it seems to be paying off in training.

The marathon however will be a real test of endurance.  I am ready, I know I can run the distance, it's just a matter of getting the pace right and holding on.  I'm a believer of the theory that you can't save energy early on in long races, nor can you make up time early, both can leave you behind, whether it be through popping the lid or leaving your run too late.  I have goal times and I'll will be focusing 5km at a time, looking at rough 20min splits and the potential of running home strongly, if feel up to it.  Mudgee is a tough course and it will be a stretch to crack the 2.50 barrier but I am aiming for this, with plan b being 2.55 and then a sub 3 if it isn't going as well.

I am excited and a little anxious, which is weird as it isn't a big race but I feel an opportunity to get a good weekend of racing is awaiting.  I have been racing a little of late, finishing 4th in the STS Race 3 last weekend, giving me another 2nd overall in the Series (I was lightyears behind Andy Lee), but I have been able to get some good training weeks in and feel it is coming together nicely.

I am also finalising an opportunity to run the Canberra Centnerary 100km in September (yes 5 weeks).  I am ready to finish but as for time goals, this race will just be an experience if it goes ahead.  More to come on this very soon!

Good luck to Kel, she has worked so hard and I'm positive she will run well and meet her expectations.  No matter what I'll be super proud to see her cross the finish line.

Anyway, here is to good weekend of racing in beautiful Mudgee.

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  1. Good luck both of you! I'm sure you'll both smash it!
    Very proud of you both.
    xx Your cousins in Vic