12 September 2013

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary 100 km Trail Run

Sri Chinmoy Canberra Centenary 100 km Trail Run

On Saturday the 21st of September I will be attempting my debut 100km race.  This is a major milestone for me as a runner and will give me an insight of myself not yet seen.  Is see the challenge as a stepping stone to my greater goals, running the TNF100 and completing a 100 mile race.  But for now it is Canberra and the Sri Chinmoy race that is also on debut.

I'll never be too far from the centre of Canberra
I have been preparing for the Kanangra Trail 50km event in October so I am conditioned to run long distances, averaging well over 100km and 8hrs of running each week.  I have been focusing on speed a bit of late but have still knocked out several 40km+ runs, with my big few weeks occurring 10 weeks before the event,  proving to be a lucky coincidence.  I have been a little sick and found that my chest infection from late Winter has lead to a temporary case of exercise induced asthma, which explains my persistent cough, that should pass.  I also found that my heart was very strong and my blood pressure 118 over 68 with a hr of 58, so I can say I have a clean bill of health.

The opportunity to compete in the race came from Hammer Nutrition, I have been given an entry and will use this opportunity to see what I have when it comes to the long stuff.  I am pleased to be working with Hammer at this race as I have been using their products successfully all year and believe strongly in both their products and the company.  I hope that this may lead to further opportunities to work with them in the future.

I will travel down on Friday with Kel, who will be my support and pacer(if needed) during the race.  I am so lucky that she will be with me on the day and I know her support will be massive.  I hope to do her proud and trust her judgement when it comes to on the go decision making that maybe required.

My plan for the race is;
Race Kit
  • Start slow and build as the race progresses.
  • Run the flats, hike the steep ups and carefully run the downs.
  • Drink regularly and use a sponge at aid stations.
  • Don't race, this is a challenge for me, I only want to finish. Time goals are not being set, only time guidelines for checkpoints.
  • Stick to my plan, don't get carried away and be disciplined.
  • Nutrition - 1 scoop of Caffe Latte Perpetuem per 250ml lasting roughly 90min, 1 Endurolyte every 20min, 1-2 Perpetuem solids every hour, half a Espresso Gel (may switch to Montana Huckleberry for leg 3) every 30min or so. At aid stations I will have around half a scoop of Heed to 300ml of water and some Coke.
  • Gear - Inov8 Trailroc 245, Injinji No Show Socks, Nathan 4 Bottle Fuel Belt, Garmin 610, Pink Garmin 110 (thanks Kel) and Dual Spi Belt.  Hammer have also been kind enough to provide a visor, singlet and shorts for race day. 
In just over a week and I'll embark on my first 100km run, I'm pretty excited and keen to see how I go.

Also something big happened for me last week and was announced yesterday, the Buffalo Stampede.  I'm lucky enough to be part of the Mountain Sports Team for this amazing event in 2014.  I can't wait to get stuck into training and test myself against the mountains.

Buffalo Stampede Ultramarathon 2014 - 75km of FUN

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