3 March 2014

Pre 6 Foot 2014

In just under a week I will run in my second 6 Foot Track Marathon.  This will be a big race for me personally as I really want to run a pb time (sub 4:13:50) and my "A" goal for the race is 3:55-59.  Although 6 Foot isn't my focus race for the year, it is a big race and when I run I will be putting in 100% to do my best and perform strongly.  I have learnt a great deal from my previous visit on the trip from the Explorers Tree at Katoomba to the Caves at Jenolan, this will hopefully help come race day.

This year I am in the beer bet, running off a 4:05 handicap and part of the NSWIB team for the teams event, these aspects will add to the race and the only thing missing will be Kel running on the day as she has had to withdraw due to injury.

My training has been going well of late, I have changed my phase recently and I am trying to develop speed and work at a higher threshold during my sessions.  This has equated to quicker runs, more intervals, tempo runs and generally harder hill sessions.  I have managed a few solid sessions that have shown a progression since last year at this point, but there have been a few indicators that I am not quite in form anaerobically but have developed greater endurance.  My Orange marathon time was a couple of minutes slower than Mudgee last year but my splits were more even/consistent and I didn't fade as I did in Mudgee.  This race allowed me to see where I am at and has given me a good point of base for future runs and races leading into Buffalo and TNF100.  I am trying to maximise recovery while keeping a heavy load, which can be difficult and the post Orange recovery week was a guide for what next week will be like after 6 Foot.

Looking back over the past month or so it has been busy and packed full of adventures both locally and a far.  Some of the best moments/days are below;

Orange Marathon - 2:59:21 - decided to run after not going to Bright
and managed a sub 3hr time coming in 4th overall.  Not quite ready
for a fast run but happy with overall performance.  In the hurt zone at this
point with around 3.5km to go and having 5th closing in for a sprint finish.
Helping Brendan with an UpCoaching TNF100 Sub 14hr training day.
We spent 6hrs out in the Blue Mountains on the first half of the 100km
course taking in Narrowneck, Tarros Ladders, Dunphy's, Nellies and
 Ironpot Ridge (photo location)

Running Wild 16km 2014 - Mens Podium Myself (2nd), Brendan (1st) and Ewan (3rd).
I managed a massive pb running 84min in the rain on a truly awesome course.

Lake Crackenback at the Snowy's was the location for another UpCoaching
training camp.  This was a favourite pic of mine where Brendan and I are
leading some running technique drills.

The view from our balcony at Crackenback.  It is an amazing place
and I was lucky enough to enjoy Saturday arvo from this spot during
free time.

Summit of Mt Kosciuszko with Kel.  I took my group to the summit
from Charlottes Pass and I was able to summit Australia's highest point
with Kel as she battled up with only one leg working.  I love the alpine trails.
I have had it pretty good of late.  Hopefully as the big races approach my performance can stack up and I can walk away satisfied with each race.  I love running and have been lucky to be able to visit some awesome spots in Australia.  Next stop is 6 Foot then all roads to Bright and the Buffalo Stampede Ultra in April.

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