20 July 2014

Return to Routine

Holidays = beaches, boardwalks & recovery dips!
So since I have been laid up with injury my main aim is to be able to return to running without pain or discomfort and maximum enjoyment.  This meant rehabbing properly in good time, no rushing at all, injuries need to be addressed properly, even the “niggles” we run with because that’s just what you do. My opinion is every injury should be treated properly because if my leg is killing then where will the fun or enjoyment be? Seriously, no matter who you are or what you do, just sort it and do it properly.

The last 4 weeks have been very productive on a number of levels;

-   I have returned to normal training, achieving the usual planned sessions set out in my program.
-       I have been running injury free and loving it.
-       My fitness, both aerobic and anaerobic is getting back to where I want it to be.
-       I have raced and met my goals and expectations.

Some areas that are still improving and need continued work;

-       Long aerobic condition, the answer - to bank some long runs.
-       Lactic Tolerance, answer - tempo runs, yay!
-      Strength, answer, resistance training with plyo, core and dynamic work.
-  Establishing a routine, answer - stop sooking out of the early morning runs and toughen up.

Mt Arthur Challenge Wellington - A great day on new trails
Over the school holidays I was able to begin training as per normal schedule, which was great. My load is still slightly lower at around 90-100km weeks but over this time I have had some really productive sessions giving me both fitness and confidence. I had a ball running the beach up to Valla and back to Nambucca and the warmer weather coupled with beautiful scenery was amazing. I was able to get onto the sand and see how the Big Coast Run at STS Kamay in Sept will be on the legs, specifically calves!

I have also ran at Wellington in the Mt Arthur Challenge Wedge Tail 9km race. I managed at pretty solid performance and was crowned King of the Mountain, covering the distance and elevation in 39:30.  It was a great new event and the organisation, course and race was first class, I aim to be back next year for sure. I think the single track section that ran up and down Mt Arthur in particular, is close to my favorite bit of trail, a seriously tough climb and fast but technical descent. If your keen for a trip West then this is a great event!

Off and racing @ STS Manly Dam 10km
I returned with STS to Manly Dam for the July race, competing in the 10k medium course on the familiar trails that loop the dam. The race was to be a good measuring point, I have run the trails there a lot and raced guys like Charlie Brooks and Jake Stollery before so it would be a good indicator for me. I ran well, particularly on the climbs, especially the longer ones, and was able to run a pb with a fast finish after a fairly conservative start. It was good to catch up with Brendan Davies, Jo Brischetto, Andy Lee and on his STS debut Andrew Tuckey, as well as the DBA crew and the rest of the STS group. Kel also ran but with some questions still over her health she wasn’t able to push it, we hopefully will get some answers soon. From this we can move to make things right again and get her feeling good and firing again.

Beach running with Charley 
So with the tough part of rehab behind me it’s time to tuck into some solid training building up towards full volume again. I just want to run well and consistently - dedicated training is the only solution to do so. I have a few events coming up, Mountain Sports Centennial Park 50km Pairs with Kel, Running Wild Glenbrook 25km, Edgell Jog, STS Duffey’s Forrest, Canberra 101km Trail Run and STS Big Coast Run Kamay.

Off and racing at Mt Arthur Challenge
That should round off a pretty good year that had its tougher times with injury but its good times with some fun and successful runs/races/adventures. With the big races of 2015 on the horizon, I am already planning the training. Buffalo Stampede version 2 will be huge and hopefully a trip to Skycamp will help with my needed prep. I plan on approaching 2015 different, with the focus being Buffalo Stampede 75km (top 10) and The North Face 100 (finishing). You learn from your experiences, both good and bad, well your meant to anyway.

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