1 August 2016

Why Park Run?

First up what is parkrun? Good question, put simply it is a community organised non-profit weekly timed 5km running/walking event held in various locations all around the world laid out on what is deemed safe and suitable terrain, such as the paths around a park. You can head to the parkrun website for more info.

I ran back to finish with Charley (pictured), Beau and their mates on the weekend.
Bathurst is lucky enough to have a group of hard working volunteers take on the challenge to form a committee and organise an event to take place in Bathurst each week of the year. Awesome news for every single person in town on a Saturday at 8am in my view, but even more awesome news for those involved in the running community and most importantly for my family. I have only praise for those who have committed to the set-up and running of the event each week, I hope to be able to offer my time as often as I can in the future too.

The word parkrun pretty much spells out what it is all about

Parkrun is about community and building bonds between all members of our community, no matter what age, gender, experience or culture we all can run and having an event like this allows us to share this simple pleasure.

This is a chance to move in a non-judgmental, supportive environment. There are no awards just a chance for runners to turn up and move however they like for 5km each week. A key to developing an active culture within the community.

As a coach and performance orientated runner I get the opportunity to use the event each week in a constructive manner. In my coaching I can connect with my athletes and provide my knowledge and skill to those seeking advice in a meaningful manner. As a runner this provides me a regular test within my training plan in a more competitive environment.

My kids can participate in the event each week with my wife and I and also with their friends. Both boys had a ball last week and the challenge of improving each week is definitely there for them. They are really looking forward to turning up each week and having more fun running.

Consistency is key to success in any aspect of life; running is a great example of this. You get out what you put in and having a weekly event to measure your progress against will allow each runner to achieve his or her own individual and unique goals. As a coach having my athletes able to use an event like this is awesome.

A good chance to test yourself each week.
You can do it, so can your kids, your Nan or Pop and even your dog (on a lead of course). Mums and Dads can run with a pram and you don’t have to run the whole way you can walk if that’s what you want to do. Just register and print your bar code, stick to the path and complete the 5km course and you’ll get a time.  Or if you are keen to get involved on a different level you could always volunteer and be involved in an awesome community that way.

Nothing to pay. 
It’s free! and accessible. Sport can be expensive and very time consuming but parkrun offers an affordable and time effective option for everyone to get involved in. See it as a chance to better your best or a chance to start from scratch but see it as an opportunity to participate.

Parkrun Bathurst occurs each week @ 8am in Bicentennial Park at the river end of William St. I encourage everyone to come along for a run or volunteer where you can.

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Western Advocate 
Go Ihsigame

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