27 April 2017

Which Kicks for UTA?

With Ultra Trail Australia just around the corner it's time to look at the potential shoe options for race day. Whether you are running the Scenic World 951 Stair Challenge, Pace Athletic UTA22 or UTA50/100 Inov8 has a shoe for all runners and all weather conditions on race day. Here are my thoughts on a few from the current range:

X-Talon 200 - Photo Inov-8
Inov X-Talon 200 - with super grip, excellent trail feel, additional protection in the wider toe box the 200 are a great option if the race is wet or you are after a bit more grip under foot. They drain well so they will be good for those cliff top tracks while offering a bit more protection with the rubber toe guard. The grip and feel of the X-Talon range is famous and the 200 will not let you down on the mixed surfaces of the UTA course. They are designed with mountain trails in mind and from coming down Ironpot to tackling the stairs of the cliff tops runners will definitely benefit from having the 200 under foot.

Perfect for a wet UTA 50 or 100

X-Claw 275 - Photo Inov-8
Inov 8 Trail Claw 275 - these shoes are for those after more grip and support while out on course. They provide runners a good amount of protection under foot, perfect for the rocky trails around the Megalong Valley with super grip for the technical and muddy trials in the cliffs of the Jamison Valley. For those looking at being out there for a long day into the night these shoes would serve you well in May. They have aggressive grip, sound feel underfoot and are pretty lightweight for a shoe in their class so they will benefit runners in the back half of their race.

Perfect for UTA 100

Trailroc V2 - Photo Barefootinc.
Inov 8 Trailroc V2 - while having only tried these on and yet to run in them, I have spent the last fortnight falling back in love with V1 on the UTA trails. They offer super grip, excellent trail feel, solid support/protection and are a more versatile shoe for varied trails across the mountain trail of UTA. They will handle both the fire-trails as well as the single track and with a rubber toe guard they offer the support needed on tired legs later in the race. The updated V2 are looking very comfortable and will give the runner a great choice for a good day out in the mountains.

Perfect for UTA 50 or 100

Trail Talon 250 - Photo Me :)
Inov 8 Trail Talon 250 - with a super responsive, grippy and minimal feel to the sole these are great racing shoes. I find they get a bit light on support after 50km so only those who are truely after a minimal feel should go with the Trail Talon for the 100km. Anyone in the 50, 22 or 951 will benefit as they perform well across most surfaces on offer in these events.

Perfect for PACE 22

X-Talon 190 - Photo Inov8
Inov 8 X-Talon 190 - I'll throw these in for the 951. They are light, grippy, drain well and offer great trail feel, perfect for the stair climb up Furber. They'll give those after more grip in the 22 or 50 something to look at too but as far as going up those dreaded stairs quickly, having light, agile and aggressive kicks on is a good start.

Perfect for UTA 951

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