13 August 2016

Review - Aerodaks

Review – Aerodaks

I bumped into the Aerodaks crew at the UTA expo on the Friday and we got talking. Talking about undies. I was impressed with their passion and knowledge towards ultra running and found they had developed a product that aimed at making the long journey around the UTA course that bit more bearable for the male runner. Raz offered me a chance to test their product and as I was expecting some form of chafe anyway I broke that golden rule and tried something new on race day.

I competed in the UTA50 and wore the Aerodaks briefs throughout the entire 6hrs of my race. I am reviewing the product from my experience on the day and since the event I have been made an ambassador for Aerodaks.

This is my account;

They reminded me of speedo’s but made from a similar material that the undies built into running shorts are made off. I got a pair of size 30 and 32 to trial and went with the 32 on race morning. I think the best way to sum up the Aerodaks experience I had from UTA this year was one of no problems, I was super happy and pleasantly surprised.

Fit – they fit true to pants sizing, I’m normally a 31 so I went up a size during the race and they were fine. They didn’t ride up or fall down and stayed where they should throughout the entire event. After the race I wore the 30 size and found they were a good fit and offered some compression effects which was good for my recovery. At first I questioned the need for the drawstring that comes with the briefs, I didn’t know whether it was beneficial or not but as it was there I just ran with it. The drawstring can be removed if you like so that allows a more personal choice but for me I’m keeping it as it offers additional support in keeping them up.

Feel – I honestly didn’t notice them during the race, they were very comfortable and just wore well. They didn’t hold moisture and in my experience chafe shows up when it gets sweaty or rainy so I was happy that this didn’t happen when it got hot an hour after the start. They “stayed” dry throughout and felt light with no seam rubbing, wedgie’s or anything like that. The technology and time put into the brief’s has paid off and they crack up to their billing on the website that’s for sure.

Post UTA – I have been literally living in my few pairs. I have them on high rotation and they wash super well and have not worn, tattered or gone out of shape. They are reliable and in my line of work as a PDHPE teacher I find having a good quality set of undies is very beneficial. They wash and dry super quick allowing you to get a few pairs rather than buying one pair for every day of the month.

As a person who runs for enjoyment I found the most horrible aspect of running is equally split between blisters and chafe. Aerodaks have solved my chafe issues and I can honestly say that I will not buy another pair of undies other than Aerodaks in the future, they are just that good.

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  1. Hi Wes, I'm considering a pair of these for UTA this year. What short do you wear over the top for ultras?